Picasso’s Watermelon



One of my favorite artists for sure; I love his abstract paintings the most!!! What many people don’t know is that Picasso, born October 25, 1881, started figure drawing and oil painting lessons when he was just 7 years old and by the age of 9 he’d finished his first painting.  Impressively, he entered Barcelona’s School of Fine Arts at the age of 13!!

I once traveled to Barcelona to rendevous with a lover and visited a Picasso museum there. Incredible sketches from his childhood of pigeons and people charmed me and gave me so much new respect for his pure talent at realism.

This abstract painting is loaded with personal references and words throughout that tell a specific story.  I chose pink and green for their complementary color harmony.  Despite this sweet color palette, the painting is about something very different and the subject matter much more tart.

Picasso is the one of the most influential painters of the modern era and I think artists and lovers of the arts alike owe him some serious gratitude for opening the world up to accept abstract art as “real” art!  Let’s just start by wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Val's signature in black, followed by a small red kissprint to the right, all against a transparent background.

Denim: H&M | Top: JENNI | Heels: Zara | Handbag: Kate Spade | Sunnies: ASOS

Picasso’s Watermelon, oil on canvas, 30×24″ © Copyright Valerie Ann Lindberg 2011, SOLD.

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