Red + Mint is like candy cane-mint ice cream to your eyes!


Red and green are complementary colors so they naturally look appealing together, hence Christmas colors.  Mint is green (just mixed with white & a tiny blue) and the pairing of these colors is quite delicious!  If you shy away from red, this mint would also pair amazingly with an orange as well.  We’ll talk a totally new mint palette come summer!

Autumn was spectacular and now I feel extra spoiled with this winter wonderland!  Took my dog Ruby for a walk today in the snowy park and it was also delicious.  Notice Ruby’s fleece jacket and winter booties. ♥ Of course my dog is dressed in style for the weather!

The outfit came first and the painting inspired second.

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas and wishing you continued happy holidays with family and friends!

Val's signature in black, followed by a small red kissprint to the right, all against a transparent background.
Coat MINGQI  | Sweater: | Hat, scarf & gloves: Target | Denim: H&M | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff | Boots: Sorel | Sunnies: H&M

Painting: Peppermint, mixed-media, 36 x 36″ © Valerie Ann Lindberg 2016, inquire for purchase

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