Who doesn’t love sunflowers?!?!

Okay, maybe some people think they’re creepy, but I think they are the friendliest flowers.  Being surrounded by them was an absolute aesthetic experience!

I’ve always adored cobalt blue and yellow together and intentionally wore this dress to compliment with the sunflower field.  The contrast of the colors is delightful to me.

I’ve also been collecting blue & white dishes since I was like 18 and painted my kitchen yellow to complete the pairing.  Here’s some little peek of my kitchen.  Some things just speak to you.

Super fun that I found this scarf at Walgreens of all places!  You never know.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend!

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Dress: Merona (Target) | Scarf: Walgreens | Sandals: Express | Handbag: Nelly

Painting to come.

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