French Garden

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This park is seriously just wow!

Every spring, park staff plant each individual flower in these neat pretty rows and at the start of July it becomes this spectacular French garden, splashing with every color of the rainbow!

A French garden, also called a jardin à la française, is an artform in-an-of-itself.  It’s based on the principle of symmetry and imposing order on nature. The structure and design of the formal garden is intentional. Plants and flowers are chosen to create balance within colors, dimension, texture and symmetry, resulting in an amazing tangible aesthetic experience.

I feel so lucky to live just a few blocks from this incredible garden and I make a point to enjoy it often!  This painting was created by a talented local artist, LR Montgomery, who paints the most incredible, raw and yummy in-plein-air-paintings meaning open (in full) air.

Val's signature in black, followed by a small red kissprint to the right, all against a transparent background.

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Painting: Manito Park Perennials, LR Montgomery, oil on canvas, 40×50″ contact artist for purchase

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