They have this crazy universal appeal. It’s striking how the light and dark contrast so clearly depicts the edges and outline of a subject, but the interior of the silhouette is virtually featureless.  Ever wondered why this happens or tried to achieve a silhouette in a photograph?  Well, the form of a person, object or scene appears in silhouette because the subject is backlit and appears dark against a lighter background.  Pretty simple actually; the hardest part is remembering how to spell silhouette!

I love these photos because they were a complete accident.  While standing against the setting sun in the heat of the day, somehow the camera settings were inadvertently set wrong.  A happy “oops” I suppose!

I chose this painting, Swelter, that I painted in 2011, to accompany this silhouette series for the obvious color similarities and bold contrasts.  I also think it perfectly conveys the intense heat of the day when I was WAY overdressed and sweating through this shoot.

Another day I’ll post this outfit so you can actually see it!

Val's signature in black, followed by a small red kissprint to the right, all against a transparent background.

Denim: Ann Taylor LOFT | Blouse: Zara | Heels: tibi NY | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

Painting: Swelter, oil on canvas, 36 x 48″ © Copyright Valerie Ann Lindberg 2011, SOLD

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